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I had already picked a couple essays that I thought might be worthy of inclusion in the Writing Anthology. Ireland struggled with its freedom from Britain since the beginning of British rule in the country. From the start of 20th century, the makings of the Irish Republican Army IRA were ready to fight for their lost country. The people of Ireland were caught in the midst of a war for independence and then a civil war that brought bloodshed to the entire Free State.

The British troops stopped the takeover in less than one week and captured many of the rebels. Fifteen of the leaders were executed in response to their hostile actions.

A Great and Terrible Beauty – Writing Anthology

Hundreds more were killed, including civilians. Because Yeats knew many of the rebellion leaders, he was particularly affected by the tragic end of the familiar men. After the executions took place, the Irish people began to support the cause for which the rebels died. The people are seen on a backdrop that is dreary and ordinary — they are commonplace.

The lead character in the beginning of the film, Damien, finds himself getting ready to leave on a train to London to pursue a career as a doctor.

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The train driver, Dan, is beaten by the Black and Tans the brutal British police force because he refuses to carry British troops on the train. Damien feels a sense of pride for the man — for the Irish — similar to Yeats when he passes strangers in the street. They know that the strangers are Irish and that is what unifies them for a common cause. This rebellion becomes a part of the everyday living of the ordinary people. After Easter of , the people of Ireland looked to the IRA to free their country before the civil war , as seen in the film.

‘A terrible beauty’ - Ireland and the Troubles 1916–1998

On that Easter Monday morning few of the Irish Rebels could have hoped to suceed in achieving the aspirations of an Irish Republic encapsulated in the Proclamation read from the steps of The General Post Office in Dublin and yet they risked all in an idealistic uprising. Mixing archive footage with dramatic reconstructions and first hand accounts it takes the viewer on a journey to the very heart of the conflict, giving them an up close and personal view of the often brutal and bloody fight which affected the lives of the men and women caught up in the chaos.

Liam Neeson reads WB Yeats' Easter 1916 - RTÉ

The story is built around eye witness accounts and the post war writings of the men and women caught up in the events of Easter Quoting directly from both the Bureau of Military History and the Royal Commission statements our actors bring to life these long dead participants of the rising. Try writing a poem that likewise includes or features proper names. Then, write a poem that induces a state of trance.

Discussion Questions. Some key words and symbols to consider include: stone, stream, rider, dream. The refrain to this poem is one of the most famous in English language poetry. Note each time the refrain appears; how does its circulation through the poem adjust what has come before it and what comes after?

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As Mlinko tells us, Yeats was reluctantly political; how does this poem create a sense of vacillation or uncertainty about the revolution it is addressing? Teaching Tips.

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Ask students to think about what they already know or think they know about Yeats. Ask students to conduct an online scavenger hunt for Yeats-abilia. Can they find five non-poetry websites that use Yeats in some way: either a quote from a poem, an image of Yeats, or reference to his life and work?

What kinds of cultural currency does Yeats have now? Ask students to think about the use of poetry in popular culture more generally: when are poems used in movies, TV shows, advertising, and music, and to what effect? You might ask them to talk about how poets, themselves included, respond to the economic, social, and cultural shifts of our own era.

Then break the class into two sides, one for early pre and one for late post Yeats. Have students take note of content as well as formal techniques such as rhyme, rhythm, prosody, and use of verse or popular forms ballads, sonnets, etc. More Poems by William Butler Yeats.