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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter zorspas Start date Aug 2, Hutschi Senior Member Dresden, Universum, born Hi, it needs more context. I have no idea about those "der,des,dem,den" prefixes. Hutschi said:. When explaining to someone who does not know cases and is not familiar with articles definite and indefinite , clarifying anything else is probably going to be overkill. Where is it used? Ich bin ja leider ein armes Mensch. Das Mensch I read it in some stories and in dictionaries. In my own region "das Mensch" is not used.

There is a baseball player named Kevin Mench outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. I have no idea where he or his parents, et al. Is there any chance that his last name, which is pronounced Mensch , is somehow related to this word? Hi, zorspas, Welcome to the German language. In the English language, the case system is almost dropped. You have relicts there: The cat nominative , the cat's genitive.

The cases show the relations. It is the nominative.

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This is the default form, if there is no declination. Die Entwicklung des Menschen - the development of the human being Here "des" indicates the Genitive relation and "en" in "Menschen" indicates the genitive, not the plural. This for the first. The case system is very important in German language. Help spread the word! Previous update. You're on update Next update. Share photos with your comment Public.

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Arme Leute (Übersetzt) (German Edition)

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