Guide Being the Steel Drummer - A Maggie Gale Mystery (Maggie Gale Mystery Series)

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I have rant material for months. In addition to totaling the car, I broke my left hand in five places. I love my office because it is chocked full of books and posters and awards from my writing career. But, lest I get a swelled head, my dog makes me take him out twice daily so I can pick up and carry his poop.

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Nothing like that job to keep a writer grounded. Fay Jacobs is an award-winning writer who has contributed articles to venues like the Washington Post. Where I write depends on my mood where I feel like working that time. Sometimes I write in my office pictured—can you tell I love Nintendo and Mario? Once in a while, I work on my laptop in bed in the mornings. Kelly loves corny jokes, the color purple, and being weird. Not necessarily in that order. This is mine, and I do most of my writing here, though more often sprawled on the little sofa rather than sitting at the desk.

There are bookshelves on the opposite wall and as much art work as I can find space for. The room is like a cocoon.

Being the Steel Drummer

That and her latest novel, Runaway , are currently published through Bold Strokes Books. She resides in Chicago. I brought lots of stuff back from my Oklahoma-Texas tour last year. I love tough women — fem tough or butch tough. I blogged once about things that inspire me. For a change of pace when I plan one of my favorite marathon hour writing sessions, I head to my sofa — which reclines on either end — and settle in with a lapboard that V.

Powell gave me. It saves my back and my two terriers like it because they can snuggle up next to me while I work. Jackson Leigh is a journalist and sports fanatic currently based in North Carolina. She publishes her novels through Bold Strokes Books. Her latest is the forthcoming Every Second Counts. The file cabinets are in the closet. The windows look out into the front yard. The desk is a fold out table. Alabama native Bett Norris currently resides in Florida, where she writes historical fiction that has mined the history of the South. Both are published through Bywater Books.

Her third novel will deal with Montgomery, Alabama, and the Civil Rights era. When we moved into this house three years ago, we decided to put my office in the dining room instead of in the tiny nook upstairs. That way I could at least be in the same part of the house as Sam if I had to work while she was home. And the conservatory is next to me as well, so I can hear the rain on the roof and open the doors to the back garden in the summer. So I curl up on the couch with my laptop and a cup of coffee, or I leave the house and go to a coffee place. Victoria Oldham is an American writer and editor based in the UK.

She has published short stories in several anthologies. I write in an alcove off the living room. Also, I like to have people around. I could never work in a private study. I need my partner, my kids, my dogs to keep me company. Her latest novel, Shaken and Stirred , deals with family, responsibility, love, and finding out who you might be, told in the way that only Opyr can tell it.

She is published through Bluefeather Books and Bywater Books.

I write in bed. Honestly, writing in bed is not great for your back. On the table next to the bed I keep all the necessary items- water, tissues, chocolate, a backscratcher, and a notebook and pen.

Some people think it is strange that I write in bed, but that is where I love to read, so it makes perfect sense to me. She is also an award-winning short story writer, and she lives in Portland, Oregon with one cat, two teenagers, and a man who wants to live on a boat. I prefer to write at dawn in our sunroom.


My brain works best at the hour, and I love the quiet of sunrise. I write a lot of places—living room, guest room, outside. But my main—and preferred—writing space is my home office, which, as you can see from the pictures is a Blank White Canvas. Just kidding. So, the desk is where I do my writing, and I generally edit in the chair. Sometimes that switches.

Check her out HERE. Or HERE. I have access to two different offices home and school I often use them to edit, but when it comes to writing nothing beats my livingroom. She is the author of five novels, all published by Bold Strokes Books. Sometimes I move to the couch around This is where I proofread and rewrite. Rebekah Weatherspoon currently resides and writes romance in southern California. Her latest out in January, !

Blacker Than Blue , is book 2 in her vampire sorority girl series. And the fact that she writes on her phone…WHOA. Yes, I have relaxed my standards in order to become a fulltime writer. I need reference material, manuals, magazines. Immerse yourself in it. I need a bulletin board with newspaper clippings on top of clippings. My office was once an old mudroom. Most days, my three dogs and a couple of cats are hanging out in cushy beds on the floor near me.

Seven years ago when I moved into my s house, the room I now work in most of the time was dark knotty pine. But it had the best view of the seven acres of green space behind the house, a rare find in the city. So it was painted and cheered up, though the ancient fake-brick vinyl is still on the floor.

This photo was taken just after Christmas, before the decorations had been completely deconstructed out back and after winter and wind and rain had stripped the leaves away. And a view is an important thing to a writer, a view of whatever you love. I highly recommend it. I also use a mobile desk, which you can see in this photo.

I end up reading other things. A great bisexual hero who american hollywood kind of butchered the character of The swedish films are so much better…and all 3 are done and amazing — the actress, Noomi Rapace, winning the equivalent of an Oscar. Jul — So true, the American version makes me cringe. Noomi is an excellent actor, the depth she has cannot be compared imho. I am forever in your debt!

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