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Legal aid may be available for civil disputes or problems that could go to court or a tribunal. This includes debt recovery, breaches of contract, defamation, and bankruptcy proceedings. Apply for civil legal aid. Other factors taken into account when determining whether you are eligible for civil or family legal aid include:.

The maximum levels of income and disposable capital used for determining whether you are eligible for family or civil legal aid are in the Legal Services Regulations external link. This page was last updated: 28th March Marginal note: Application of Criminal Code. Marginal note: Election of Attorney General. Marginal note: Applications for licences and permits.

Laudato si' (24 May ) | Francis

Marginal note: Clarification — pending applications. Marginal note: Clarification — other powers. Marginal note: Authority to issue, renew and amend. Marginal note: Limitation — importation and exportation. Marginal note: Notice of proposed amendment.

The notice must also set out the reasons for the suspension. Marginal note: Notice of proposed revocation. Marginal note: Security clearance required by Minister. The amounts payable may be paid out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund. Marginal note: Provincially authorized selling. Marginal note: Administration and enforcement activities — federal Acts. Marginal note: Administration and enforcement activities — provincial Acts.

Monsanto Protection Act put GM companies above the federal courts

Marginal note: Agents and mandataries — this Act. Marginal note: Agents and mandataries — provincial Acts. Marginal note: Contractor — provincial Acts. Marginal note: Recall or measures taken by Minister. Marginal note: Contents of and time for making request. The request must be provided to the Minister within seven days after the day on which the order was provided.

Marginal note: Review initiated by review officer. Marginal note: Extension of period for review. They may extend the review period more than once. Marginal note: Decision on completion of review. Marginal note: Statutory Instruments Act. Marginal note: Establishment and maintenance.

If the order under this subsection is granted, the original time in the order made under subsection 1 is deemed to be replaced, in relation to that person, by the new time.

Seed coat thickness in the evolution of angiosperms

Marginal note: Provision of documents, information or samples. Marginal note: Limitation — access by means of telecommunication. Marginal note: Individual accompanying inspector. For greater certainty, they are not liable for doing so. Marginal note: Warrant required to enter dwelling-house. Marginal note: Return or disposition by Minister. Marginal note: Information for search warrant. Marginal note: Application of section Marginal note: Execution in another province. Marginal note: Search of person and seizure.

Marginal note: Seizure of additional things. Marginal note: Sections Marginal note: Provisions of this Act and the regulations applicable. Marginal note: Application for restraint order.

Introduction and summary

Marginal note: Application for destruction order. Marginal note: Application to vary conditions. Marginal note: When management order ceases to have effect. Marginal note: Property related to other offences.

Marginal note: Application for in rem forfeiture. An accused who is deemed under this subsection to have absconded in connection with a designated offence is deemed to have done so on the last day of the six-month period referred to in paragraph c.

Soybean Varieties

After five or six days, unroll the cloth and count the seeds that have germinated out of Multiply by 4 and divide by to get the percentage germination. Be sure to get seed of a Maturity Group adapted to your area. You may want to vary slightly the maturity group depending on soil type an early variety for cool, wet, fine-textured soils and a later variety on coarse, well-drained soils. Avoid early varieties in fields where tall broadleaf weeds may get out of hand.

If you want to follow the soybeans with fall-seeded small grains, use an early-maturing soybean. One way to allow for uncertain weather conditions is to plant more than one maturity, either in different fields or as a seed blend, a mixture of varieties. That way at least one variety should give a reasonably good yield. If you save your own seed to replant, you will not get the same proportion as what was in the blend. Select a variety that is shatter and lodging resistant, especially if you intend to plant high populations, since the plants will grow taller, more slender stems.

Indeterminate varieties should be used in the North, and determinate varieties do not do well in soils that crust. For wide rows, bushy varieties are best, to fill in the space quickly. If you use a grain drill for planting, avoid seed lots with many large seeds, which do not flow well through the drill.

Use seed lots with 2, seeds per pound or less. Small-seeded varieties have some advantages: the seedlings emerge better through crusted soil, fewer pounds of seed are needed to establish a certain plant population, and it is often easier to produce high quality grain because smaller seeds suffer less damage during harvesting and handling. You can often get valuable advice on selecting varieties from your agricultural research and extension personnel or from seed dealers. They may have performance test results which can be a rough guide of what to expect from a variety.

If you want to replant your own seed, save out the needed amount. It should be stored in a dry, ventilated area at cool temperatures not higher than 70 degrees F.

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Keep away from mice and rabbits. Test the germination rate before planting.