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Man, 80, says he lived in moved house; relative speaks

More Artists. It's like she hired a publicist. Publicists can track you down better than the CIA. Sending a postcard announcing a distant event is something publicists would do. And then they'd follow up with a phone call one week later. And an email. And a package. What really kills me is the postcard's request that I save the date for a specific weekend in July of I don't have a calendar I could put this on.

Sometimes I think we all get so very caught up in having everything just right, with all the tools and thingies, and whatsits that we forget how to fly. So, stand on the very edge and just flap your wings…the shawl will carry you through to a beautiful conclusion.

And the photos of Maine are wonderful, thanks! Go to your library; they could help you print it there is probably a small charge for printing. I love every word of your daring post!

Goodness, Woman! No stitch markers? Certainly you can wrangle up a box of paper clips somewhere….. And Thank You for telling about the film and the fearless film makers! Congratulations on a beautiful topic; what a gift to give us all.

Postcards from Maine - Mason-Dixon Knitting

Love the photos; such exquisite young people! You were in Camden and missed The Cashmere Goat, a primo yarn store? They have stititch markers-I know from personal experience! Glad you made it up here, closer to the Artic Circle.

What a beautiful shawl that will be!! And your pictures bring back memories of our Maine visit a few years back. Loved it! Love the shawl, love the color! Or tie little rings of a contrasting yarn there are always a few yarn scraps in the bottom of every bag I use to carry knitting around. This brought such a wave of homesickness over me!

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I was born and raised in Maine. Thanks for the glimpse inside. Now I want to learn more about this town. Congratulations to your son and his partner on their film!!! Fun reading your comments about Maine since I live here.

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Wait til you experience the Common Ground Fair!! Hope to see you there.

Colour postcards from a forgotten York

Your Clif reminds me of George Harrison. Congratulations to David and Jacob on their film, and congratulations to you for toughing it out with that shawl! Thanks for sharing and inspiring but how do you calculate how much yarn it takes to move from fingering to Aran? Our local yarn store sells stitch markers and lots of yarn! The film was great!

Congrats to David. Is it the same as the fingering weight, just making the shawl proportionately larger? Luckily she goes to work every day in a small yarn warehouse! Ann: do knit this up quickly so you can tell everyone how many skeins it took. It looks amazing. What a lovely post Ann. And Maine is such a beautiful, enchanting place.