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An Aegean April

Author Jeffrey Siger at a book talk earlier this year in Chicago. Then he uses his instincts as an attorney to weave his magic.

This time, the refugee crisis on Lesvos takes center stage, bringing to light a side of the story rarely seen or discussed — the traffickers, the false promises of the EU, and more. People are profiting from the refugee crisis — at the cost of human lives.


An Aegean April takes us to the island of Lesvos, to the heart of the refugee crisis. A refugee is accused of the crime; he was merely at the wrong place at the wrong time, and proves a convenient scapegoat. The real killer is an international madman who will take out anyone who gets in his way. Recall that Andreas is one of the good guys. In the meantime, the killer takes more lives, and wreaks even more havoc.

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Jeffrey Siger gives us another skillfully written thriller, and cements his status as a master of the modern murder mystery. Jeff is so adept at capturing the plight of Greece and its crises, while at the same time, showing his love for his adopted country. The process of urbanization has therefore been at the forefront of scholarly debate.

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Bronze Age towns, however, have largely been ignored, particularly at a generalized level. Research has usually focused on their architecture, and particularly their elite or public architecture, rather than their general nature and character, and many studies have been restricted to a single town or even a single building. This volume redresses the balance and draws attention and thought not only to urban settlements as a whole but to their social and economic roles, their demographic significance and ultimately to their character and personality.

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