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All that is revived is the memory of the pain, the horror, the injustice of it all. Or that the Christian girl accused of blasphemy had by some accounts been offered a premature presidential pardon which the governor was ordered to convey to her? They will be intrigued why a COAS needed to announce his departure eight months before his scheduled exit. They will be amazed at the effrontery of a retired president who rules an impoverished province through his sister and an octogenarian vassal. They will marvel at the antics of a Peter Pan of Pakistani politics who can fly boisterously in the air but has yet to learn how to stand his ground.

They will wonder whatever happened to the king-makers from Gujrat, seemingly written out. They will grapple to understand why anti-corruption drives found inroads into Sindh possible, but into the Punjab impassable. And in a post election episode, they might well see a surprise cast: a Sharif as COAS, a Sharif as chief minister Punjab, a Sharif as prime minister, and a Sharif as president. In our local tele-dramas, anything can happen.

Aijazuddin March 10, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. The writer is an author. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 2 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Mar 10, pm. Attempts to engineer democracy will never stop because those who have the power to indulge in it like in the past are too powerful and were never made accountable or punished. Recommend 0. Rishabh Jain. Mar 11, am.

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Brilliant write up - especially the Peter Pan reference. Latest stories. Most popular Nawaz lands in London, sets off heated debate. Act two, scene one. Tomato price hits record high at Rs a kilo in Karachi. Altaf asks Modi for asylum in India. BJP leader escorted out by security for heckling Suri during speech on occupied Kashmir.

Mitchell's Fruit Farm prepares for sale.

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Must read. Great Departure info buy track 5. Never Tire Of The Road info buy track 6. Jomfru info buy track 7. Dagda's Harp info buy track 8. The Moving-on Song info buy track 9. Black Jack Davy info buy track High Rise info buy track We have never thought over our 22 year history of making a single ourselves; it was the furthest thing from our minds.

I was familiar with it when I played it and Peter suggested it as a candidate for a Tempest single.

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  • Diario di un esploratore (Italian Edition).
  • Another Dawn.

It came together really organically, I added a bit of Celtic riff to give it an instrumental hook. It is a great opening track and sets the scene for the other songs on the album. It was written for the inauguration in Jan , not necessarily political, the last time a crowd that size gather together in a spirit of hope was Aug at Woodstock. I felt a rebirth of the same values: it was time to look after each other and look after the planet.

People started to believe we have to learn to live differently, and you could feel the whole country start to think that way. The whole collective conscience of the country was shifting at that point, you could see it actually physically happening, and I felt that was a reason to celebrate. This was a moment in time when you could feel the change, that good things are happening in the world. I have always felt that folk music is truly the music of the people telling the story of the human condition. We experience the same struggle to survive that it was hundreds of years ago.

I find a lot of inspiration in traditional music, not just in the lyrics, but in the musical form as well. They were usually short tunes which we have strung together to have an opening, a middle and an ending. We reflect the musical tradition we come from by writing new music to fit this format.

  • Minuet - from String Quintet in E major Op. 11, No. 5;
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The New Squire was written by our guitarist in honor of his newborn baby. It is not meant to be a somber song it reflects an attitude of change.

Our society is very big in celebrating birth but not very evolved with dealing with death. This became very obvious to me when my dad died and left his body. We should celebrate birth and death as a continuation of each other, that transition is what life is all about.

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I was not directly influenced by Woody, but by the people who were influenced by him, like Bob Dylan and Andy Irvine, who was an Irish musician who grew up in Dublin trying to do an Oklahoma accent. I embrace the spirit of Woody; busking and traveling, learning to survive on your own terms playing music in pubs and on street corners. That was my reaql life education, bumming around playing music and moving from place to place. I went out with a buddy of mine in our mid teens, playing in the streets of Copenhagen then moving onto the British Isles and Ireland.

Sleeping in barns and hitchhiking around all Summer.


There is something romantic about the lifestyle following in the footsteps of the same rambling spirit of hoboes of the past. I can say this as someone who has lived it and struggled with it. You forget the times you were hungry, sleeping in parks and getting arrested. You remember the romance of traveling around playing music and getting your education in the school of life. That whole spirit is a big part of who I am and I have a soft spot for it. Woody Guthrie was a giant when it came to influencing not only the working class but the country with the spirit that drove him around.

He was a bit of a rouge and a very romantic figure. Never Tire is a good song to do live, it was a song that was not really meant for Tempest but I did the song acoustically with a couple of the guys on a radio show a few years ago. The whole band wanted to learn it so it made sense to add it in yet another organic way of coming up with songs for the album. It tells the true story of a maiden jomfru who was stolen away from her own wedding in March of It was a time when evry village in every county had their own king.

This particular maiden is stolen away from her wedding to be made to marry the king in another village. A historical recounting of an actual event that was part of everyday life at that time.