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Vero still has to manage his earthly life, however. He will leave his earthly body behind and become fully angel, and he will never see them again.

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A strong thread of Judaic elements and literature is woven through the story—one of the characters often references the Talmud and other teachings. Vero is likeable and easy to root for.


Flashes of humor lighten the tense action scenes, everything from sly sarcasm to gross-out toilet humor. The lack of nuance means that the emotions of the characters all seem to be very extreme.

He is greeted by the angel Uriel, who tells him that Vero is a guardian angel, and as such he will have to go to Guardian Angel School, where he will learn to fly. As he and his fellow classmates go on different assignments as part of their training, they grow closer as a team. Vero returns to Earth and it is as if the demons had never happened.

Vero tries to master guardian angel duties; however, as Vero is sent on increasingly difficult missions, he struggles to keep them secret from his family. I liked this book.

The Ether: Vero Rising, by Laurice Elehwany Molinari | Dedicated Review

Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! This strong, coming-of-age, character driven story is the first novel from a well-known Hollywood screenwriter who wrote the children's classic film My Girl and over 30 scripts. Lately, strange things have begun to plague the everyday suburban life of twelve-year-old Vero Leland. He sees hideous creatures where no one else sees anything. He uses "hysterical strength" to rescue a classmate from the clutches of a snake. And to everyone's surprise, especially his own, Vero effortlessly clears two hurdles at once while running track and field.

But it is not until a stranger takes Vero to the "Ether" that he finally understands the truth about his nature; he is a budding guardian angel - the fiercest of all warriors.

The Ether: Vero Rising (An Ether Novel)

The "Ether," the spiritual realm that surrounds the earth, is where Vero and his fellow angels-to-be train under the guidance of the archangels. And it is where Vero learns that a great destiny awaits him Vero Leland wants to fly, and not just that, he feels like he should fly, like it's a natural state for him.

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An adopted child of a nurse and an analyst, Vero at 12 is smarter, stronger, faster, and better than most of the kids he goes to school with, and it shows. He understands college-level writing assignments and can leap multiple hurdles in a single bound. Truly, Vero is different. But it's only when he's trapped by evil creatures that he realizes how different: he is destined to become a guardian angel.

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He can escape into the mystical Ether to learn how to fly and defend his future charges, along with other fledgling angels, and more adventure is surely on its way. His family and friends are mostly unaware, but Vero believes in his future and has faith.

Into the Ether

This book has definite Christian and spiritual themes, though they are carefully measured and not totally overpowering. It may not appeal to all adventure and fantasy readers, but despite the potentially heavy-handed good-versus-evil plot, it's an easygoing read.