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They expect their future age and a Messiah still to come, as their own Talmud reports.

The Godly Man's Picture by Thomas Watson

Schecardus relates the story of one, Bendema, a Jew who was bitten by a snake. A Christian came to heal him—but he refused his help and chose rather to die than to be healed by a Christian. So do the Jews hate Christ and all that wear his uniform. This is to set him below the angels, for human nature, simply considered, is inferior to the angelic Psalm Airy theorists , who prefer the study of the arts and sciences before Christ.

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Human learning is of good use to prepare for the study of better things, as a coarser dye prepares the cloth for a richer and a deeper dye. But the fault is when the study of Christ is neglected. The knowledge of Christ ought to have the preeminence. One leaf of this tree of life will give us more comfort on a deathbed than the whole realm of human science.

What is it to know all the motions of the orbs and influences of the stars, and in the meantime to be ignorant of Christ, the bright Morning Star Rev.

What is it to understand the nature of minerals or precious stones, and not to know Christ the true Cornerstone Isaiah ? It is undervaluing, yes, despising Christ, when with the loadstone we draw iron and straw to us—but neglect him who has tried gold to bestow on us Rev. Then let us test our godliness by this: Do we set a high estimation on Christ? We value Christ above honor and riches; the Pearl of Great Price lies nearest our heart. He counts the worst things of Christ, better than the best things of the world.

And is it thus with us?

Has the price of worldly things fallen? But alas, how few Nazianzens are to be found! You will hear some say they have honorable thoughts of Christ—but they prize their land and estate above him. The young man in the Gospel preferred his bags of gold before Christ. Judas valued thirty pieces of silver above him.

A man may live without music—but not without food. A child of God can lack health and friends—but he cannot lack Christ. Give a child a rattle—and it will not want gold. Give a worldling his lusts—and he will be content enough without Christ. Christ is a spiritual Rock 1 Cor. If their trade has gone, they complain—but if God takes away the gospel, which is the ark wherein Christ the manna is hidden, they are quiet and tame enough. Do those prize Christ who can sit down content without him? He who prizes gold, will dig for it in the mine.

Plutarch reports of the Gauls, an ancient people in France, that after they had tasted the sweet wine of the Italian grape, they enquired after the country, and never rested until they had arrived at it. Test by this! Many say they have Christ in high veneration—but they are not industrious in the use of means to obtain him. If Christ would drop as a ripe fig into their mouth, they could be content to have him—but they will not put themselves to too much trouble to get him.

Does he who will not exercise, or take the healing medicine, prize his health?

What joy a man takes in, that which he counts his treasure! He who prizes Christ makes him his greatest joy. I will be joyful in the God of my salvation! He who esteems Christ can solace himself in Christ, when there is a dearth of all other comforts.. Paul said of the Galatians that they so esteemed him that they were ready to pull out their own eyes and give them to him Gal.

He who esteems Christ, will pull out that lust which is as precious as his right eye!

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A wise man will throw away a poison for a medicine. He who sets a high value on Christ will part with his pride, unjust gain and sinful ways Isaiah He will set his feet on the neck of his sins. How can they be said to prize Christ—who will not leave a vanity for Him; or who prefer a damning pleasure before a saving Christ!

We may buy gold too dearly but we cannot purchase Christ too dearly. Though we part with our blood for him, it is no lost bargain. The apostles rejoiced that they were graced so much as to be disgraced for Christ Acts They esteemed their fetters more precious than bracelets of gold. Do not let him who refuses to bear his cross, say that he prizes Christ. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, he quickly falls away.

That which we esteem excellent, we are desirous our friend should have a share in it. If a man has found a spring of water, he will call others that they may drink and satisfy their thirst. Do we commend Christ to others? Do we take them by the hand and lead them to Christ?

This shows how few prize Christ, because they do not make more effort that their relations should have a part in him. They get land and riches for their posterity—but have no care to leave them the Pearl of Great Price as their portion. A friend is prized at all times; the Rose of Sharon is always sweet. He who values his Savior aright has as precious thoughts of him in a day of prosperity—as in a day of adversity.

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The wicked make use of Christ only when they are in straits—as the elders of Gilead went to Jephthah, when they were in distress Judges Themistocles complained of the Athenians, that they only ran to him as they did to a tree, to shelter them in a storm. The wicked desire Christ only for shelter. The Hebrews never chose their judges except when they were in some imminent danger.

Godless people never look for Christ except at death, when they are in danger of hell. Christ is the wonder of beauty. Pliny said of the mulberry tree that there is nothing in it but what is therapeutic and useful: the fruit, leaves and bark. So there is nothing in Christ but what is precious. His name is precious, his virtues precious, his blood precious—more precious than the world. Oh, then, let us have endearing thoughts of Christ, let him be accounted our chief treasure and delight.

This is the reason why millions perish—because they do not prize Christ. Christ is the door by which men are to enter heaven John If they do not know this door, or are so proud that they will not stoop to go in at it, how can they be saved? That we may have Christ-admiring thoughts, let us consider:.

We cannot prize Christ at too high a rate. We may prize other things above their value.

The Godly Man's Picture

That is our sin. We commonly overrate the creature; we think there is more in it than there is; therefore God withers our gourd, because we over-prize it. But we cannot raise our esteem of Christ high enough.

He is beyond all value! There is no ruby or diamond but the jeweler can set a fair price on it. He can say it is worth so much and no more. No seraphim can set a due value on him. His are unsearchable riches Eph. Christ is more precious than the soul, than the angels, than heaven. Jesus Christ has highly prized us.

He took our flesh upon him Heb. He made his soul an offering for us Isaiah How precious our salvation was to Christ! Shall not we prize and adore him who has put such a value upon us? Not to prize Christ is great imprudence.