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Proposing to the Earl of Aynsley seems a sensible—if unconventional—solution to Miss Rebecca Peabody's predicament. Cheryl Bolen, It takes Dr. Jack Mitchell eight years to pull himself away from his terribly important career abroad and come home for a divorce.

The Portrait of a Lady, by Henry James - Volume 1

Abby Gaines, The perfect gift for those who have a surreal sense of humour, the book's suggestions include measuring the difficulty of games and puzzles in units of the cubic rube, impressing future employers by demonstrating how well you can ride an Leila Johnston, The book reminds also that the grass is not always greener on the other side with pages of broken relationships, being lonely and homesick as well as the struggle to bring up children in a foreign country.

Andrew Mutandwa, British study into the many dimensions of food poverty, i. Tim Lang, Amy Arbus, Susanna Fraser, However, that changes when she asks him to father the child she so desperately wants. Rich agrees—if she'll marry him. Because he thinks their Marriage of Inconvenience could become a real marriage instead. Debbie Macomber, Jack McKibbon knows the score when he offers to marry his best friend Mia Alatore.

Molly O''Keefe, They were just friends when they got married. Melinda Curtis, Srinagar, July KNS : Customers of different banks in the valley, particularly in Srinagar city, Friday faced inconvenience in drawing money from Now random things do happen in life, but in fiction well not so much…not with the potential there to make it work in the story. This happened to be, not a strangulation, but a bashing with words similar to this.

However, triggered as I was there was a way to pull back from the abyss and Ms Lamb missed that too. She plunged straight into the abyss without a yell.

Very Good Rebecca Winters, At the Chateau for Christmas (Largeprint Romance), Ha

Do you think in the emotional resolution to the story that the hero would be remorseful, that he would pledge on his life never to touch her again in that way, that it was his horrible background that made him an abuser etc. Not a bloody word. What the actual…??? The bloody violence is not discussed, other than a thin apology.

That book sucked monkey balls. Well the resolution did. Then we come to Flashback by Amanda Carpenter It was so emotionally intense that I wanted to read another one to see if that was similar or Cry Wolf had been a one off.

Luckily I scored one in the Grace Collection. So that was it. I dived in. I was also trialing my new data gathering tool that I can hand write while reading for later input into a spreadsheet or database.

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This book was amazing. It blew my mind.

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It seemed to break all the usual tropes over the head with beer bottles. It has a foreword by the author. This is an unusual feature for the time. It expressed sentiment about the loss of life in war. My premise in reading category romances is that they try to depict reality.

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Doreen Watt set me straight on this. Well Flashback features a telepath.

Yes, you saw correctly. A bloody telepath. This is probably why it was really hard to identify any barriers to the hero and heroine getting together. They were linked telepathically and it was an intense and emotional story. I have to check her out. Please ensure that book s are sent back unread, in the original packaging and your dispatch note is included. For more information about returns and our eBook policy, please go to our returns page. My Account. Your Bag.

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