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Background Information 2. Characterisation of Evil with regard to special aspects 3.

Evil, Freedom, and the Road to Perfection in Clement of Alexandria | brill

In order to do this it is necessary to point out the way of analysis I prefer. First I will present some needed background information about the author himself and the Elizabethan World Picture. This analysis will be supported by further focus on the imagery and the language which Shakespeare has used.

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The Elizabethan Era was characterised by hierarchy and thoughts of extreme order. People thought that everything in the universe had got its own specific position in their strict order. You can find this world of ideas in the assemblage of the universe as well. The ideas of this world picture can already be found in the antiquity but it was improved in all its details by the scholastic philosophy. In this chapter of my paper I am going to introduce you to one of the three main forms of the Elizabethan World Pictures: the chain of being.

The whole universe is divided into a ladder. At its ground there are the non-living elements and at its top there is God. At first you can find the elements, liquids, metals, then vegetation and the animals. The human beings stand over the animals because of their reason. The angels follow the human beings as non-materialistic and spiritual creatures. God is at the top as the creator of this chain. This originates from Platon and Aristoteles.

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Within these steps there are more separations which mirror and allow the already mentioned hierarchy because of its God-sanctions. For example, within the step of the metals there is gold at the top and brass at the ground.

Within the human beings the father reigns his children, the husband reigns his wife and the king reigns his people. You can see, there is not just a vertical order but a horizontal order, as well.

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If one of these elements leaves its place the whole order will become a chaos and everything will turn around. The chaos within the state because of the murder of King Duncan is mirrored in nature as well. But you can read more about it in the further analysis. At the beginning of this work I thought that this would be the most easiest part.

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The Mystery of Evil Spirits

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