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To help her do her superhero "job" she creates first one, then another alternate identity. Former soldier now mercenary Yao Ming, unequaled with weapons, able to get unseen into places impossible to enter. Beautiful jet-setter millionaire Sandrine Ascaride. And a star girl with blue skin and purple hair who can fly and wield laser bolts and lightning. She is sometimes desperately lonely, unable to share her secret.

Then she finds she is not alone Paperback , pages. Add a Rating. Close Embed Code. Copy and Paste the code below to your website or blog. Embed Code. Close Email to Friend. Popular Books Week Month Year. Wolf by Wolf is not amazeballs. While I enjoyed the racing, training and romance scenes, I had a lot of trouble with the Holocaust backdrop. The real Mengele was beyond repulsive. They stood over a gurney, over a small, unmoving lump.

Red was in rivers on the floor. Veining along the grout. Its fingers wilted and blue and so, so small. Soli Deo Gloria. Alex London, who wrote Proxy, does not have dark skin. There are also ways to screw up. This is the latter. Click here for access to comments. Available: New and Used.

If you want to expand your interest in werewolves and other shapeshifters beyond fiction, to the realms of history, science and the occult, start with this book. Not only does The Werewolf Book have entries on all manner of shape shifting beings from myth, and accounts of supposed real life were-critters, it also encompasses the books and movies that influenced the image of shape shifting and werewolves throughout history and made it what it was today.

Nothing is treated as trivial. Even the effect of comedy, such as Abbot and Costello's monster movies, on the mythos, is dealt with respectfully. While the encyclopedia isn't exhaustive in its entries, it does offer a plethora of titles to seek out for further research. Certainly a core reference for the study of shape shifting beings, The Werewolf Book is an essential part of collections that cater to researchers, occultists, writers, and anyone interested in lycanthropes.

Contains: some disturbing descriptions of witch trials and tortures Review by Michele Lee. Unfortunately; there's a very old werewolf curse on her family, and although the conditions for the inheritance are real, they are also a means to lure Sophia to the arms of an evil creature that prowls outside the castle. It's not a bad book, but it's too passive for urban fantasy fans, and too vague for hardcore historical lovers. Scent of the Wolf is a stylish old classic werewolf tale that would especially appeal to fans of werewolf horror movies An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman, etc.

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Ivan is a total bad guy, a complete jerk who can point out people's stupidity with sinister calm while gleefully killing them. He's also the cargo of two stone cold, no-nonsense mafia transport men who are taking him across Florida to Too bad Ivan just got loose and is now roaming suburban neighborhoods slaughtering people. Jeff Strand's Wolf Hunt is a wild ride, full of characters who don't fall for all the typical horror novel tropes, and who face their circumstances with casual sensibility.

This is definitely a stand out in horror fiction, not just werewolf tales. This is the story for people disillusioned with all the other werewolves out there, especially the thinly veiled alpha male stereotypes. Highly recommended for private and public collections. Contains: Language, violence, gore. He is starting to believe it may very well consist of a full staff of werewolves. Lupo knows that getting himself involved in this case also puts his closest friends, including his girlfriend Jessie, at risk of harm as well.

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Could the two be connected? Will Lupo be able to take down this shifty group no pun intended before anyone else gets hurt? Once again Gagliani has created a wonderful addition to the werewolf subgenre. Fans of this subgenre will definitely want to check out this novel, along with the two previous books in the series, as Gagliani puts a bit of a spin on werewolves. Most werewolf novels tend to either have all good werewolves or all bad, but Gagliani mixes things up. Arctic Wolf Publishing, Many contain paranormal elements and some are written as human horror, but all of them are worth reading.

I found each story to be easy to read, allowing readers of all levels to enjoy this collection. Not to name all of the stories in this book, but three in particular stood out to me. Most people would expect a very different destiny for a werewolf, but Jason feels strongly about his decision and has given up everything to make it happen. What is the secret and what is the great sacrifice? I would recommend this collection to all horror fans and especially those looking to get into horror without worrying about picking up a book containing extremely graphic sex and gore.

Contains: Adult Situations, Adult Language. Review by Rhonda Wilson. Yet another literary mash up, Little Women and Werewolves is the classic tale of Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy, four girls trying to grow up, once rich, now poor, their father gone off to the Civil War and with werewolves running around.

Appendix: A Gallery of Archetypes

Unlike other mash ups there is no tongue-in-cheek take on the original, just a telling of the traditional tale with the occasional line, or scene, about werewolves crammed in. If someone spliced frames from a slasher flick into a high brow romance then peppered in some morals, you'd get the same effect. Grand mimics Alcott's style very well, even rounding the edges a bit.

Readers who loved the original will likely enjoy this tale particularly because Alcott also wrote gothic style novels, thus the set up of this being the "original" version of Little Women that was rewritten into what we know today is fitting.

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While it has a certain charm it also is unlikely to appeal to the contemporary audiences of most paranormal and horror books because of an overdose of generally repressive morals and a lack of plot. The book encompasses about six years in the girls' lives, and a lot happens.

Overall, despite promising prose, I found myself disappointed. Those acquiring for public collections should be assured that there are better mash ups out there. Contains: violence and some gore. Deadtown by Nancy Holzner. Available: mass market and digital. Deadtown depicts a world where parahumans have no civil rights and are forced to live in one area of town, to the point where they have to have permits to leave that area of town. The lead character is Victory Vaughn, the latest in a recent line of Welsh true shape shifters, and a demon hunter.

When one of her clients is found dead Vicky realizes that the Hellion that killed her father is now hunting her. She has to balance her personal life with dealing with a scientist who wants to make her a lab rat, and protecting a client who by all rights she should want dead.

Somehow, she must also find it in herself to stop the demon she fears.

Deadtown has all the makings of a good urban fantasy, but falls flat in the execution. Most of the characters are either blah, or completely annoying. Holzner has created an interesting world with her oppressive society, but the plot doesn't revolve around making things better. The characters consistently make choices that are stupid, dangerous and even violent.

It's hard to connect with the people in this tale, making it a lackluster example of urban fantasy. Deadtown is not without its charms, so collections that service voracious paranormal readers—or those with no taste for the full-on erotic scenes in other books—will still have a place for Deadtown in their collections.

Contains: Violence, language. Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews.

Magic Bleeds is the fourth book in Andrews' a husband-wife writing team with a shared pen name Kate Daniels series. Set in a semi-post apocalyptic Atlanta where magic and technology are warring for supremacy over reality, it follows Kate Daniels, a mercenary turned knight protector of the city with a dark secret and a thing for the head of the city's shape shifter organization, Curran.

The fourth book in the series, where Kate faces down magical versions of the crazy and deadly family aunt and magically sentient viruses is not the place to start reading the series. However the whole series is fast paced, action-packed and features some of the best writing in urban fantasy today.

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Magic Bleeds , as well as the whole series, is highly recommended for collections as Andrews is only a few steps behind standards like Hamilton, Briggs and Harris in popularity. Contains: violence, language, sex. Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs. Orbit, Available: New, used and digital. Raised by the ruler of the werewolves, and loved by the local pack alpha, one would think she's safe.