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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Seasoned detective, Jason Carmichael, is assigned the task of determining the controversial death of a fellow deputy in the mountains east of Sonora, California. Assertions of suicide, a possible accident, or a drug-related hit plague Jason since there is no conclusive evidence to prove either.

Sheriff Owen Wheeler assigns a gutsy, self-confident woman as an aide to Jason. Attractive and married, the woman demands the deceased deputy be, at least, afforded the dignity of an official burial. An act she feels will finally bring him home.

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Having this woman at his side was not Jason's choice, but soon finds out what his life would be without her. A tiny circle is Jason's only compelling evidence to solving the case until their paths cross with that of a rogue cop who makes an unsolicited remark while being questioned as part of another wider investigation.

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  • Sharing startup Twisted Road wants to be the Airbnb for motorcycles.
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  • Twisted Road: Motorcycle sharing website lets you rent bikes to (and from) strangers.

Will Jason condemn this rogue or thank him? Product Details.

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Both are experiencing significant life changes in the form of divorces and midlife crises. They decide to move in together in View Product. A Twist Of Sand.

Twisted Road Wants to Disrupt the Motorcycle Rental Biz

Stein saw the white death in front of him and blenched. His face turned a His face turned a sickly green and he pulled out the Luger. Get back! Astern, astern! He groped madly for the telegraph, pitching John, who was at the In this second installment of the Detective John Bowers Mystery series, the homicide investigator takes In this second installment of the Detective John Bowers Mystery series, the homicide investigator takes on the gruesome murder of a woman in Babylon, a gritty, steamy world where only cops mourn the killer's prey.

Birds in Paradise. Full of diverse characters, intriguing plot twists, and exotic Hawaiian locales, Birds In Paradise doesn't A quick check of the website revealed this to be true.

The Noco Moto Motorcycle Podcast

Those words echoed in his head over the next 18 months until he was visiting his mother-in-law in Greensboro, NC and wished again that he had a bike to ride. He consulted Craigslist with the idea of maybe buying a cheap used bike there to ride around on and found bikes listed.

The biggest hurdle was lining up insurance. I spend all of my day driving awareness. Twisted Road has been self-funded by Rothbard, who said his background is in the corporate world.

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Rothbard views Twisted Road as an alternative to rental companies like EagleRider and to motorcycle touring companies. Rothbard said a rider from Iceland is coming soon and plans to ride a rental bike from Washington D. Rather than have the bike shipped home, the owner plans to fly out and ride it back. Another not-so-apparent aspect of Twisted Road is what it offers bike shoppers — the chance to compare and contrast different models before buying.

I wonder if this will take off..

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I personally would rent my own car out, but my bike.. Great idea!


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