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Bruce Lee would disagree with you he gained tremendous amounts of force with out increasing his weight or mass. A boxer with big muscles from powerlifting is strong for about 1, 2 rounds I would take him to deeper waters where that added mass would tire his arms much More quickly, then turn up the heat and watch him gasp for air, and start lowering His arms from muscle exhaustion. Watch how ufc champs, nick and Nate Diaz go against more muscular guys, that look great, with plenty of muscle, probably juiced a bit, they endure, handle the first round or two, by then The guy spent his muscle glycogen storage, then Diaz has a field day with the guy and either Knocks him out, or cuts them up pretty badly, and fight is stopped, victory!

Love this website massive fan on most of your articles. But im going to have to disagree this one, power comes from your legs so increasing the strength by performing such lifts as squats, deadlifts, etc is only going to good for both your power and your speed. Someone with good boxing form using weights to become a larger human being would punch harder in my opinion…. As someone with a masters degree in exercise science also having taught biomechanics for a few years , I can say this is partially right and partially wrong. Following a periodization program would involve some heavy lifting for a boxer.

You will develop optimal power at the weight you train at. For a boxer it is the mass of the arm.

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This is why having a baseball pitcher throw a weighted ball is a horrible idea, they need to develop optimal power at the weight of the ball, not heavier. A person moving slowly under a heavy load likely has much lower muscular forces due to the dramatic reduction in acceleration. Lifting heavy weights explosively with control please do not be stupid will help a boxer increase the power of their punch.

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The title of this post is misleading if you are very knowledgeable It is a good general title for the individual that wants to train and not be a highly competitive boxer. Eu moro em Caruaru,Pernambuco,Brasil. Hi Emerson, which instructionals are you trying to buy? Also, have you seen the Brasil website? Lift heavy weights helps hands down punching power.

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Its the recovery time that is needed when lift heavy weights that the author didnt consider. It does leave you feeling stiff and slow. This is only the newest science im reciting here. I gotta agree with the above comment. These articles are so well-written and informative that it really is a special service you are providing. Mahalo nui loa from Hawaii. I have always liked boxing but have only actually thought about taking it up recently. I plan on joining a gym soon but I wanted to put myself in as best condition possible beforehand.

In the meantime I have been using my time reading up on articles like the ones you have been writing. I have been into lifting for a while and I always planned on pretty much stopping once I started boxing but I still lift today and see myself joining a gym in about a month.

What should I be doing in this month to prepare before I start? Also, how soon should it be for a newbie to start sparing and how long does it usually take to start getting into competition?

Thanks again and alohaz! These are tough questions, John. I recommend you go to a gym and see what goes on in there. After you see how everybody trains you will have a better idea for how long it might take you. Everyone is different. The benefits of calisthenics and plyometrics are; they will improve not only your anaerobic fitness but also your aerobic fitness which is the more important of the two , when done properly they will strengthen the joints and increase overall flexibility though not a substitute for good old fashioned stretching , It costs next to nothing to do, you can pretty much do them anywhere no gym membership required!

Can u get out of my head?

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Once again thanks for the articles. I have to disagree with you on this dude. Heavy weights is fine as long as rep range is no more than 5 reps, you only increase muscle size if you put ur muscle under a continuous stress for a long period of time so rep ranges between Lifting heavy weights correctly can increase all over body stability which will give you the base which is needed to throw a powerfull.

A powerful punch comes from the legs and the core driven by the hips by lifting heavy weights super setted with a movement found in boxing your body will become acclaimed to replicating the power output there fore given you a more powerful punch!!!!!! If done correctly weightlifting can only help you improve you as a boxer and have no negative effect at all. Lifting heavy weights CAN increase body stability, but to reach maximum muscle stability you need great conditioning and control exercises.

You can watch a gymnast or ballet dancer exhibit incredible muscle control and they do so without heavy weight lifting. I think you are on the right track intuitively but when you try to explain it with physics the explanation is incorrect. I am currently more focused on kiteboarding and snowboarding than martial arts and have realized for a while that my strength in weightlifting does not directly translate to explosive rotational movement, either horizontally or vertically.

Relaxation- well, part of your body has to be relaxed but some of your muscles have to be firing in the right order to initiate the rotation. Keep it up but stay away from physics formulas. Enjoy your site. Great info.

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That has more to do with skills than physical ability. I do know neck exercises can help punch resistance. Neck rolls, neck bridges, also putting a weighted strap on your forehead and lifting with your neck muscles. There are plenty. Saber so can i do handstand push ups? Thank man, i will try it , yes it depends how strong you are if you can do handstandpush ups fast and correctly. THEN they are ready for game time. This whole process is just like sharpening a knife, you start with a blunt piece of steel, you roughly grind a bevel on each side to bring a hint of an edge, then you use a Coarse Stone to remove large amounts of unwanted steel, next, Medium stone to further refine the edge, then the Fine stone to put a sharp edge on the blade, and the last step before you can shave with it, hone the edge with a leather strop to SMOOTH out any imperfections in the blade, straightening the bevel on the very edge to make it RAZOR sharp.

So Johnny are you saying to relax your whole body until the punch has almost reached the target THEN flex? Exactly that. Awesome article Johnny. I agree with you about weight training. The only weight training I would recommend for a fighter would be high repitition reps squatting or lunging type exercises for strengthening the legs, core, hips, and improving cardio.

I think fighters could better strengthen their necks, as well as their backs, legs, shoulders by performing bridges instead of using a neck harness with weights.


I think people falsely believe weight training improves punching power because well there have been a lot of punchers who have had impressive physiques like Cleveland Williams, Sonny Liston, Rocky Marciano. Mike Weaver, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, and Earnie Shavers who actually did lift weights , were all murderous punchers who looked like they had at least did some weight training. Even old school MMA bad boy Tank Abbott, who has a video on youtube showing him using monstrous weights carried a hell of a punch. Of course there are films of Tyson, Roy Jones, Klitschos lifting weights but thats probably done when a fighter reaches a certain age and starts to lose muscle mass.

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Johnny and im still saving for that e-book i hope to get it soon. I would also like to ask how will studying other forms of martial arts affect my boxing, because in judo my sensei supports the idea of using weight training to us, since it will help in our total body strength and judo has lots of pulling involved. Does it mean my boxing will be affected?

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Bruce Lee is a freak of nature, Don. That guy can do whatever he wants anytime he wants. Now I asked my taekwondo instructor and he said use moderate weights not the heavy ones. Ive read your article and I see your point, about using the muscles effectivity for adoptation to fighting sports, because this is not a powerlifting contest. And I bet those olympic power lifters cant punch fast.

I think this is just right for me since Im doing boxing and judo. I also clarified this with my judo coach and he said that muscles are to be used for fighting and not body building and he also said lifting very heavy weights my injure someone. I think my problem is solved now, thanks mr. Great post, as always, but I was wondering what your thoughts are on the development of fast twitch muscles and whether they help.

I always thought that lifting a heavy weight with a short sharp burst of energy encouraged the fast twitch muscles that enable you to punch faster and with more power — for example an explosive press-up from complete rest no muscle tension. You talked about the mis-use of dumbbells when shadowboxing, but I wonder what your opinion on a similar, but alternative exercise is: Shadowboxing with resistance bands. Because resistance bands can provide specific pressure back towards your body, they definitely assist a snapping motion more than a pushing motion.

I stay away from weights like the plague. Early on, I never learned about snapping instead of pushing. All that wasted effort and energy…. Those lanky guys scare me too, Ron.